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Stained Glass For Everyone! by

Stained Glass For Everyone!

Stained Glass has long been reserved for the very wealthy. Artisans would take months and years to create one-of-a-kind windows depicting religious scenes and nature. It doesn't take years to create a stained glass window anymore. Even better than that, getting the look of stained glass is no longer reserved just for the wealthy.
Gallery Glass Window Color and Leading products make it possible for anyone to create their very own stained glass effects. Its as simple as lead, paint and seal.
Once you have selected a clean surface, the very first step in Gallery Glass is to lead the design. There are several ways to do this: lay a leading blank or your surface over your pattern, then using Liquid Leading, trace the design. If you do not want to use Liquid Leading, Redi-Lead strips can be used instead. These strips are flexible enough to follow curved lines. Another option is to use Redi-Lead shapes to outline your designs. If you decided to use the Redi-Lead stripes and shapes, it is best if you apply them directly to your surface.
Adding Color
Redi-lead strips and shapes are ready for color once they are placed. Liquid Leading must cure for at least eight hours before colors can be applied. When you add color you want to create a seal between the color and the leading. In order to do this, paint along the perimeter of the leading first then fill in the rest of the area. If you notice air bubbles, lightly tap the underside of your surface or comb through the window color.
Heightening the Effect
You can adjust the look of your project in several ways. The first is in the Window Color application.
  • Applying the paint with a "figure eight" motion will create a textured look. This is most commonly done with Crystal Clear.
  • Blend colors by putting at least two colors into an area, then comb the colors together. The more you comb, the more your colors will blend. You can experiment with different ways of combing such as back-and-forth or in a swirl.
  • Darken colors by applying another layer of the color after the first one has dried. Lighten the color by adding Crystal Clear.
Another way to alter the look of your project is to add embellishments.
  • After Window Color has dried, put a light coat of Crystal Clear over your color and add Crystal Beads or Glass Nuggests for a 3-D effect.
  • Apply Gallery Glass Crackle Medium over dried Window Color to get an aged look.
Using Gallery Glass in Other Places
It looks beautiful on windows, but Gallery Glass can go in so many places! Redi-Lead small shapes and Gallery Glass Stick-ons make it possible to dress up centerpieces, mirrors, photo frames and even trinket boxes. Plus, Stick-ons are so easy to complete that anyone can do them! Simply fill in the designs with paint, then once the paint dries peel the Stick-ons off the backing and place them! Many of the designs appeal to younger crafters, making Gallery Glass a great project for the whole family.
Its as Simple or Complex as You Want!
If you are great at drawing and want to create your own patterns, go for it! Use Liquid Leading to trace over your pattern and then paint. Once dry, if you don't like a color in the design, simply score the edges with a craft knife and peel the color out. Then apply the new color.
If you want the look of stained glass, but don't want to create your own pattern, we have plenty! Redi-Lead Shapes come with pattern suggestions to get you started or you can refer to one of our Gallery Glass books or online projects for inspiration.
Perhaps best of all, you can use any of the Stick-ons to add a whimsical touch to a window or mirror in your home.
Once you get started with Gallery Glass, you will get so swept up in the possibilities that no piece of glass within your reach will go without some kind of lovely touch.

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I have done this in the past about 18 yrs ago and did a patio glass table top and it is still looking good although it has been left outside even through the coldest winters. This is just the most fun thing to do. Now I am designing my own storm door for a balcony of my newest apartment. Just love this hobby.

I painted a patio table with this about 18 yrs. ago and it stayed outside even through the coldest of winters and it is still looking great. Now, I am designing a pattern on my storm door for my apartment balcony. What a joy it is to have such a great product to work with. I really love it.

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