Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sliding Glass Doors Can Be Decorated

Many homes have at least one sliding glass door and until now, ‘decorating sliders’ really meant hiding them behind closed curtains or blinds. Now you can affordably decorate sliding glass doors with the look of etched or stained glass.

allpaper For Windows is a special adhesive-free vinyl film that transforms plain glass doors into expensive-looking custom doors. Instead of closed blinds and a dark room, the room is energized with natural light and decorative glass doors.
In as little as five to 10 minutes, any homeowner or renter can decorate sliding glass doors to enhance the décor of the room, create privacy or hide a bad view.
Wallpaper For Windows has decorative designs that don’t block the view, designs that add some privacy and full privacy designs, all at a reasonable price. The newest pattern, Tropical Oasis, is already very popular. Featuring life-sized Palm trees, Birds of Paradise, Banana Plants and more, this etched glass design brings a relaxing “Margaritaville” atmosphere to any room.
Installation is a simple do-it-yourself project. If needed, the film can be trimmed to size with scissors or a utility knife. The adhesive-free film is then applied to the glass with soapy water (so it’s easy to position on the glass). Use the free applicator squeegee that’s included to remove excess water and any bubbles. Once squeegeeing is finished, step back and admire.

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