Tuesday, July 13, 2010

glass making

Do you have a burning desire to learn how to create stained glass art? Perhaps you are looking for a rewarding hobby that you can be proud of? Or, you want to make your passion into a money making business?That sounds great, but there are steps that you must take before you just dive into the art of stained glass. I was teaching a glass bead making class recently and wanted to provide my students with more information. Information they could use to start setting up their studio or expand the knowledge they already have. Things like coating mandrels properly with bead release and the types or bead release they offer or hooking up your regulators once you get them home. There’s a page on how to make your own frit. I love using frit. Or using pixie dust, that’s different from fairy dust but just as magical. They even give you the information on how to test if the glass you have is compatible. Glass compatibility is so important so this is great information to have. You can download the pdf or just print the pages straight out from their site. This stuff is so helpful for making your bead making experience that much better.

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