Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glass Painting - Russian Flower design

Glass painting is one such unique painting which is laid down on the back of the glass, and painted from the reverse.
Glass painting basically involves painting on tinted (stain) glass.

To make Glass painting all u need is :

1. Stained Glass
2. Black tube colour (for out line design)
3. Trace paper with design of your choice
4. Glass paint colours
5. Brush (Thin brush #1-2)
6. Silver foil (if required)

Now put the trace paper on a flat surface keeping back side of glass in front. Make outline of the design using black tube colour.
Allow it to dry for 24 hrs then apply glass paint colour as per requirement. Make sure there wont be any bubbles on the glass while applying the colour as it doesn't give good effect on the glass paint.
While applying colour if there are bubbles on the glass use brush to remove it by spreading the colour with water.
Now if required you can use crushed silver foil on the back side of the glass for a different effect and can frame it.

A beautiful glass paint is ready.

Glass Painting-Colourful Russian Flower.

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