Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to Paint Etched Glass

Painting Designs etched glass became very popular. The painting, if it is the proper type, adheres well to etched surfaces, giving it durability. Choosing the right type of paint is as important as the method of applying paint. In this class you will learn about the different types of paint that can be used, how to mix and match colors and different methods of applying them to the surface etched and carved glass. 
This seminar is a class of 3 days on general coloring etched glass. 
In this session you will learn color theory, mixing colors, airbrush, and various techniques for designing your prints for coloring. You will learn the difference between the etched surface coloring pages (when the staining provides more design) vs. multi-step staining sculptures (if the sculpture provides more design). There will be a complete presentation of the different types of guns and how they work, different types of paints that are suitable for the coloration of frosted glass and best methods to implement them. Each student has his own airbrush to use for part of the class that teaches this technique. Students will complete projects on the mirror, beveled glass and thick, polished glass blanks. The techniques taught in this class will be applicable from large glass architecture to small glass gifts and awards. 
Co-taught by Norm & Ruth Dobbins and Brad Goodell, a nationally known illustrator and artist airbrush. 
An important part of the class is the section on color mixing and matching, because it will teach you how to choose colors that go together. If the right color is not available pre-mixed, you'll learn how to mix them. Because of the emphasis on understanding color, this color class is great for stained glass artists too!

The project above, from one of our coloring classes, shows the effect of coloring where most of the detail is created through etching techniques. It is a multi-stage carved design of a lily that has been colored with airbrushing and other methods.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stained Glass Pattern:Whales

 Glass Pattern:Whales

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Monday, February 7, 2011

New Tips For Glass Painting

If you cut pieces of beveled glass from plates or bowls, you can use these pieces to paint and create beautiful patterns of decorative objects. 
If the glass is dirty, you can not apply the color evenly. 
So, clean the glass first with isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt and grease. 
If you are painting over a bottle or a round object, make sure you have support for glassware. 
Lint-free cloth is ideal for providing support for that painting is not ruined when it was still wet. 
If you're just a beginner to learn to draw the design on the back of the sheet of glass. 
Use a glass coating to expose the design you want to paint. 
Always choose a glass object in your profession that has a smooth and even. 
Your paint will not be important if you choose a glass object with a rough surface or printed. 
If you paint a large area, choose a large brush. 
For painting small areas with intricate details, use brushes close. 
To paint a textured surface, use a sponge. 
If you want to remove all unwanted lines, simply use a thinner or a blade. 
Often, the sweat and natural oils from the hands of decay of the paint on the glass surface. 
To prevent your paint to get ruined, wear latex gloves while painting. 
Make sure the section you just paint is dry before moving. 
If you want to secure the paint, use an oven to cook the artwork. 
To make your painting more sustainable use colors that based gum. 
Use a brush to mix your paint. The brush can be expensive, but worth the investment. 

Use a flashlight to confirm that the surface color is completely and no space is left. Filling the gaps so that the pain is still wet.

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