Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to Trace a Pattern for Glass Painting

Once you have the glass clean and ready to paint on, it is time to do one last thing to the design. You need to trace the design that you have already put on paper. This thickens the lines and prepares it for the glass paint liner that is often spread onto the glass using the nozzle on the paint container.



  • 1
    Lay the design out flat on your work area.

  • 2
    Use a thick permanent marker to trace the outline of the glass painting design. This thickens the lines so that they more closely match the width of your glass paint liner.

  • 3
    Affix the design inside the glass using tape.

  • 4
    Use the black glass painting liner and carefully trace, on the glass, the thicker lines that you just traced directly over on the design.

  • 5
    Let the liner paint dry before adding any color.

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    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    How to Pick Colors for Glass Painting

    Understanding how the altered colors of acrylic are activity to assignment calm on your bottle paintings is important for any bottle artist. Some colors will booty assorted coats, while added colors can be activated in a distinct coat. You can use the way that the assorted colors of acrylic assignment with bottle to actualize specific furnishings in your painting.

    Difficulty: Moderately Easy



    Use bright bottle album with all colors of bottle paints.


    Read labels on your acrylic choices anxiously to adjudge whether the acrylic you accept purchased is advised to be blurred or transparent.


    Choose atramentous and white paints that go on blubbery and opaque. They about do not crave additional coats, and can be acclimated to actualize simple yet arresting designs.


    Acrylic blues, greens and purples with a added covering so that you can abstain a cellophane actualization in your paint. These colors will absolutely generally arise added blurred than reds and yellows, but still somewhat on the cellophane side.

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