Sunday, July 11, 2010

Experimenting with glass painting designs

Do not restrict yourself to painting stain glass painting only you can also make

( photoframe made using glass paints)

( use of glass paint on cutlery to make it even more attractive)

• Looking mirror(Make design on the edges of the glass)
• Cards(With transparent sheets/ Acetate sheets)
• Book marks(With transparent sheets/ Acetate sheets)
• Trays
• Photo frames
• Decorate boxes , windows ,doors
• Lampshades
• Bottles, plates, drinking glasses, water jars.
• Try it on kitchen storage bottles they look very pretty when put together
• Take a piece of polished glass, paint it, and use as a bracelet with chain or as a pendant.

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What was the exact paint you used? I'm thinking of using glass paint on a canvas (it's drawn like stained glass so I've been looking for something to paint it with), have you painted with it on canvas before? I'm worried about the long term effects. It's going to be in direct sunlight... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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