Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Reverse Paint a Snowmen on Glass

Ready to try something new and fun with paint? This is a great project for the upcoming holiday's. Everyone will enjoy those home made treats when they are served up on this adorable hand painted glass plate. All it takes is a little "reverse know how!"


Begin with a clear glass plate. Place the plate face up on a table in front of you. Take a dry erase marker and draw your pattern on to the plate. Snowmen are easy because they are drawn as circles. Draw arms and make circles for the mouth, buttons and eyes. You can draw a scarf if you wish. Don't forget some snowmen wear a hat, so draw a hat too!

Flip the plate over. The trick to painting a reverse scene is to do it all backwards, so what you would normally paint last, you will be painting first. Begin with the small details (Color: black/hat,eyes, buttons, scarf, Color: orange/nose. Wait and let dry.

Paint the body of the snowman white. This is done making circles with your paint brush over the body you have drawn. Let it dry. You can use a little blue in your white paint to highlight. Let dry

Cut a small 1 inch piece of sponge and dab it with white paint. Wet sponge first to get it soft. Dab sponge all around the outer rim of the plate for a snow effect. Next dab your sponge in a blue paint and dab the entire back of the plate. Let dry. You can leave it just like this or after it dries you can paint the back of the plate with a gold paint. Wait and let dry.

Flip plate over and wipe off dry erase pen marks. Serve a warm delicious holiday treat on the plate and enjoy.

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