Sunday, July 4, 2010

Glass Painting Designs

Glass painting is a real delight to eyes. Undoubtedly, when glass painting is combined with an innovative home decor idea, it can create amazing works of art. The art of glass painting is gradually taking pace especially among those who are actually interested in decorating their homes with an artistic touch. In fact, glass painting craft is not a tough job to do but what matters is- the glass painting design. Designs should be such that they should appeal to the viewer at once and must go with the type of glass that has been taken for painting. And if you are not aware of the glass painting designs then the option of templates is always there. Here are some of the options that can be considered for your glass painting designs for an aesthetic home decor.

Firstly, different geometrical shapes can be incorporated on a stained glass to add creativity to a simple piece of glass. Further, these shapes can be painted with different colors to give the entire piece an attractive look. It is really simple to do and will surely catch the attention of your guests.

Colorful trim is another glass painting design that adds an artistic accent to a dull looking window. A thin and colorful design painted around the edges of a small looking window will surely beautify the entire looks of that particular window.

Glass Painting Designs

Black outliner glasspainting design forms the outliner, minimum of two inch squares around the edges of the window. The outliner paint is thicker than normal glass paint and glass painting design. It actually creates a raised boarder around a painted design. Assorted semi-opaque glass paints fill the squares to exhibit more of contemporary look to the entire glass painting craft.

Seasonal decorations work best as glass painting designs. Actually any of the craft paints which is artistically and neatly painted will work great as a seasonal painting on a glass window. An elegant fall decoration can also be presented by using glittery gold, bronze and copper paint forms leaves scattered randomly across a large window. Similarly, icy decoration can also be presented by using sparkling silver and white glass paint forms to form delicate snowflakes around the edges of a glass window.

To paint glass baubles is another creative art. They can be painted in many artistic ways. The top portion of the baubles can easily be removed and so you can decorate ornaments from inside. If you slowly thin down some paint and drip some into the glass bauble, you can gently swirl it around to coat the glass from the inner side for a decorative swirled effect. You can always use several combinations of colors to paint in order to make them blend properly with the glass painting designs.

So, try these glass painting ideas and feel the difference in the entire decor of your home.

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