Sunday, July 4, 2010

Painting Glass: Orange Watercolor Version

This is a digital watercolor created from the photo of the glasses with the orange plate behind them. Compare it to the green version and you'll see that there isn't 'one color' for glass. There are shapes of similar colors in both paintings, such as the bright highlights and the dark shadows on the edges, but the 'color' of the glass is determined by what is around it.

Also note the colors of the shadows. Painting a shadow doesn't simply mean you put some black on a brush and dab it down. Shadows have color (for more on this, read What Colors are Shadows?).

"But there are bits that are black", I hear you say... Well, I still wouldn't paint them with black from a tube. I'd mix the darkest orange/red I'd used in the painting with a dark blue (its complementary color), such as Prussian blue, as this gives a much more interesting dark.

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