Sunday, July 4, 2010

Painting Glass: Green Watercolor Version

This is a digital watercolor created from the photo of the glasses with the green plate behind them. Again, you can see there is no single color for glass, it's influenced by what's around it, light, and shadow.

When painting it, don't first paint the green background and then paint the the glasses on top. Paint all the elements simultaneously. So paint the green bits of the plate, the green parts of the glass, the green bits in the glass stems at the same time. The yellow liquid, the yellow reflection in the glass, and the yellow in the plate at the same time.

Look at the colors in the whole composition, see them as shapes and paint them individually, rather than painting the objects one at a time. Initially it may look like a chaotic mess, but keep at it and the shapes will all slot together to make a whole, like a jigsaw puzzle. You can then add in the tiny shapes of color, such as the highlights.

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