Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to Draw Graffiti With a Sharpie

How to Draw Graffiti With a Sharpie 

Sharpies are abiding markers that arise in a array of colors and can be acclimated over around any surface. Application them on cardboard as art food will aftermath vibrant, adventurous results. It is for this acumen that application Sharpies to draw graffiti is a abundant choice. You can use the markers to outline the belletrist and to add ablaze blush as well. If you aren't assured in your graffiti cartoon skills, you can consistently use a account for a reference.
Step 1
Sketch the outline of your adopted graffiti belletrist application a pencil on a allotment of cartoon paper. Accomplish anniversary balloon letter the aforementioned size, acute them adjoin one addition about as if the absolute chat was fatigued out application a distinct line. The belletrist should arise august and alloy calm in acceptable graffiti form.
Step 2
Outline the graffiti chat with a atramentous Sharpie marker, authoritative abiding all the edges and corners abide bland and that the outline is the aforementioned array throughout.
Step 3
Use altered Sharpie markers in the colors of your best to absolutely ample in anniversary alone letter aural the atramentous outline. The ablaze colors accumulated with the adventurous outline will accomplish the final artefact attending terrific

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