Monday, August 2, 2010

Almond and Green Fused Glass Vase

Guess how tall this fused glass vase is! Nope…sorry… it is 10.5 inches tall!

This fused glass vase is one of the highest vases I have made. Needless to say, there are a lot of steps to making it. There is a total of five layers of glass, plus the green glass lace. There are three layers of glass in the base of the fused glass vase.

First, I fused three of the five layers of glass together, then, I fused the other two layers of glass to the first three layers. The diameter of these five layers was 8 inches. I placed these five layers of glass onto my drop ring mold, which was propped up 10 inches. I put it in the kiln and watched the glass as it dropped through the ring mold to the shelf. When the glass dropped as far as I wanted it to, I turned off the heat, so it wouldn’t drop any further. I let the kiln continue with the firing schedule until it was all done.

Next, I fused three layers of glass to make the base for the fused glass vase. The base gives the vase more stability. Then, I tack fused the base to the vase.

This fused glass vase is lovely sitting on a table or shelf just by itself. However, you can use it for fresh or dried flowers.

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