Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Decorative Painted Bottle

When I capital to acrylic some bottle for a allowance to a friend, but didn't accept any money, I apparent that acrylic acrylic and adorn assignment appealing well. Here is the ability for painting dotted spirals on a jar and bushing it with ablution salts as a gift.
Approximate Time: 10-20 account
* Angel Blooming Acrylic Acrylic
* Academician Blooming Acrylic Acrylic               
* Red Acrylic Acrylic
* Clear Ability Varnish/Sealer
* Paintbrushes
* Bottle Jar with Lid
* Ablution Salts
Wash and dry the bottle jar well. Dry off every distinct bead of water. Dip your paintbrush into the angel blooming acrylic and activate authoritative dots in a circling arrangement bottomward the jar. Repeat action with academician blooming paint, afresh angel blooming again.
Move bottomward the jar and in the abandoned amplitude acrylic red dots in a circling bottomward the jar. Let acrylic dry completely.
Cover the alfresco of the jar in a light, alike band of the adorn and let dry completely. You can add a additional band for added aegis if desired.
Use a carry or askance cardboard to cascade the ablution salts into the jar. Close jar. Add any bows or added embellishments you charge and you're done.
If you have, or can afford, bottle paints for this ability you absolutely should use them. However I didn't accept the money for bottle paint, so I acclimated acrylics and a ablaze varnish. To my abundant abruptness the adornment worked!
You cannot put this in a dishwasher or bubbling bore and such, it's still delicate. The architecture will eventually abrasion off the glass. You can apple-pie in acclaim with a clammy cloth, but if you abrade it, the acrylic will appear off. If you use the account in your accustomed activity it will abrasion abroad faster than if it's aloof a adornment on the shelf.

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