Monday, April 18, 2011

Warli PaintingsTips and tricks

• Experiment with materials. You can do this work on your sheets, saris, dresses, cushion covers and curtains too. 

• Do not hold back on paper or fabric. Try to make a stylish pot, towel, shades or just give it a try ... Bookmark
• First draw the circle and then draw then join to form a coil of hands.
• If the application on the wall, then use the apex of the base paint
• Combining the figures with beautiful models like the peacock, for example, trees, etc.
• If you have a traditional look of your home. Warlis these would look great on the wall. A simple corner with pots, chicks and Warli on the wall will add a new dimension to your home.
• Add mirrors or colored son, if you want that extra shine in your paint.
• Add a border to make it more attractive
• If you use "GERU" as a base, mixed with linseed oil (or similar supports) so that it lasts longer

I hope these might help. Do share your views and ideas and post your comments on the tag board on the right. Go through the links at right for the collection of Warli art designs.

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