Monday, April 18, 2011

Rangoli glass design

 Rangoli is a colorful pattern made ​​near the entrance of a house to welcome guests.The term Rangoli is derived from the words: rank (color) and aavalli (line) so rangoli is row of colours.Rangoli is also known as Rangoli kolam.

It is one of the art forms most popular and traditional Indian festivals in the evenings, when oil lamps are lit and the atmosphere is cool and pleasant, such floral designs create the atmosphere a well planned garden divine. It is customary for Indian women to draw feet decorated Laxmi - the goddess of METEO, approaching her door bringing good fortune to spend his family.

Most of the Rangoli designs are motifs of plants, flowers, leaves such as coconut, lotus, mango, and ashwath (peepal leaf), animals such as cows, elephants and horses, and birds like eagles and swans. Geometric pattern and there. When drawn with fingers, these acquire different dimensions of their own.On the right side you will find useful links of Rangoli pattern. This Diwali light your home with Rangoli Kolam

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