Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Best Way to Clean Your Glass

 When you paint baked stained glass, you need to know your glass is clean and free of grease.
Just a spot of grease and dirt, and your paint does not drip.
That may be fine if it happens early on.
But imagine what happens when you've spent two hours working on a piece ...
This is not funny at all.
In this article I will tell you the best and safest way to clean your glass before painting. I'll also give you a special bonus tip on how to keep your glass clean from here in So let's go right away ...

The best way to clean your glass
Right, there's usually no need to use detergents in the glass - with the exception of those really stubborn marks left by sticky labels from glass shop. (Yes, they need a bit of soap!) 9 / 10 times, the best way to clean your glass is to use ... the same glass paint you paint over with!

Here's what you do.
On your palette, you have a bit of glass painting is ready to go.
So, load some on a fine wide brush.
Rub the brush over the entire surface of the glass.
And now take a paper towel and rub and clean the painting.
Repeat the process until the painting is going smoothly.
Then you can be sure that your glass is clean.
It is also a good idea to clean the sides and back of your glass while you're there.
This is because grease and dirt are used to migrate!

See how that works?
painting glass is slightly grainy, no matter how much you grind.
So you use this granularity to help you clean your glass.
And once the glass painting itself goes smoothly through the cleaning process, you can be sure that your glass is clean enough to paint on.
Makes good sense, is not it!

A cautionary tale
Just a small note of warning. Choose your paper wisely kitchen.
One day, I cleaned and cleaned a piece of glass. And there was no way I could remove the fat.
Then I thought a workaround for a moment - I looked at the envelope that the cloth had come - Aloe Vera!
No wonder I could never get all the fat off. I changed to another brand of towel and the glass was beautiful.
I had a good laugh about it. (Later)

Bonus tip - how to keep your glass clean
Now, what was the trick I said to keep your glass clean?
Here it is.
Leave no trace or shadow on the bare glass unless you really need.
Once your glass is clean, take your fine brush width, load it with paint-colored glass, cover the entire glass surface with adjacent bands, use your blender to blend them smoothly, and allow this "undercoat" dry.

This is a perfect surface for any type of tracing and shading you want to do - it is much more receptive than the bare glass sliding.
In addition, it protects the glass from grease and dirt for the duration of your painting

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